Beware the Beetle!

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Japanese Beetles will soon be out in full force, and their damage is easy to spot… You might even catch them in the act! Japanese Beetles leave their mark with skeletonized leaves or total defoliation of plants and trees. They also love to eat rosebushes and rosebuds — from the inside out. Being located east of the Mississippi River, it is likely that they’re either already here or headed our way!


SafeSpray can help DEFEND your yard from these destructive insects. Let us treat your rosebushes and other beetle-loving plants, starting at $35 per yard! Call us at (334) 209-4747 to protect your plants from the damage that Japanese Beetles can inflict.

Taken in the park of Tokyo, Japan.

The most vulnerable plants include: Roses, Japanese Maples, Crape Myrtle, Pin Oak and Birch Trees.


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