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The Best Lawn Care Services in Lake Martin!

Your yard should be a source of fun and relaxation, not labor and stress. That’s where SafeSpray Pest Control can help. With us on your side, you can simply enjoy your lawn while we make it look great for you.

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No Contracts Necessary

When you partner with SafeSpray, you get the best pest control in Alabama without signing a binding contract! We trust our customers to come back.

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Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in our recurring services so much that we offer free re-treatments and a money-back guarantee if you notice pests in between treatments.

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Same-Day Service

We know how precious your time is and that you want immediate relief from pests. SafeSpray offers same-day pest control, as well as Saturday servicing!​

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They always do a fantastic job! SafeSpray is always available, very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Lawn Care in Lake Martin

It’s easy to get sucked into a lawn care rabbit hole if you aren’t careful. There are just so many little jobs that add up and before you know it, you’ve been working in the yard for hours. Take a break and let SafeSpray help! When you sign up for our lawn care in Lake Martin, your yard will be the talk of the neighborhood. Our local lawn care technicians use tried-and-true methods to achieve the results that you’re counting on.

Our lawn care services in Lake Martin include:

  • A careful evaluation of your lawn to determine how we can help. 
  • Fertilization service that provides your grass with the nutrition it requires.
  • Tree and shrub care that keeps your valuable ornamentals healthy and looking their best.
  • Lawn disease control to keep your lawn healthy, regardless of season or conditions.
  • Lyme treatments to make sure that your soul is always at the perfect acidity level.
  • Year-round care to keep your lawn looking great, no matter the season.

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Same-Day Lawn Care

If you don’t want to wait to get the lawn care that you need, we’re the company for you. At SafeSpray Pest Control, we offer both Saturday and same-day lawn care appointments so that you can get lawn service on your schedule. Give us a call at 334-209-4747 for same-day lawn services in Lake Martin!

Weed Control in Lake Martin

Everyone deserves a yard they can be proud of, one without unsightly weeds like clover, crabgrass, and dandelions. While trying to eliminate weeds on your own is difficult and often unsuccessful, these unwanted plants don’t stand a chance against our professional weed control in Lake Martin. We use top-notch products to keep your yard weed-free all year long, giving your grass plenty of room to grow.

When you choose our weed control in Lake Martin, our lawn technicians will:

  • Conduct a lawn inspection to determine what type of weeds are present on your property.
  • Create a custom weed control plan that’s tailored to your yard’s needs.
  • Eliminate existing weeds with targeted post-emergent solutions.
  • Prevent new weeds from growing by using pre-emergent treatments.

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Lawn Fertilization in Lake Martin

Your lawn is a living thing - and like any living thing, it needs to eat. At SafeSpray Pest Control, we use only the finest fertilizer blends to achieve maximum growth and nutrition for your grass. Our custom blend of nitrogen, potash, and phosphate is proven to get the job done and we’re confident that it’ll make the difference you’ve been looking for.

Some benefits of lawn fertilization in Lake Martin include: 

  • Increased resistance to fungi, disease, and other pests.
  • A healthier plant from root to stem.
  • Soil nutrient replenishment.
  • Prevention of soil runoff in vulnerable areas.
  • Improved, healthier, and sustained grass growth.
  • And many more!

No Contracts Required

At SafeSpray Pest Control, we’ll never rope you into an unnecessary lawn care contract. If you just need a quick touch-up in your yard, we offer one-time services for your convenience. If you do require recurring service though, we can do that too! Our lawn care packages can be yours at competitive rates and even include Lake Martin’s best pest control. Whatever your need, we’re here for you.

You Can Have the Lawn of Your Dreams Today!

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Guaranteed Control

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