TERMITE Builder Solutions

New Construction Termite Treatments

Wouldn’t a Pretreat Be Great if it:

1. Added value for the homebuyer?

2. Didn’t interrupt the building process?

3. Didn’t expose workers or others to chemicals?

4. Was not affected by weather?

5. Was visible and would not break down over time?

We just described the Advance Termite Baiting System.

  • Zero Delays or Scheduling Hassles
  • Advance Termite Baiting System = No crew schedule delays
  • Complete, one-stop installation upon final grade
  • Benefits for home buyer and builder

We at SafeSpray Pest Control are able to offer the state’s premiere builder solution for pest control. SafeSpray is able to work without scheduled crew days so that your build is interrupted by our people through a one-stop installation upon final grade. That means that both you and the home-owners save money!

Not only that, but the value of a completely pest free home protection system dramatically increases the value of the home itself. There’s only upside for the homeowner in our cost-effective, complete home defense!

1. Home quality differentiator

2. Maximum termite protection

3. Scheduling and service simplicity

4. Environmental positives

PEST Defender

Our pest management program provides protection against a wide range of pests including ants, roaches, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, fleas, mice and MORE

TERMITE Defender

Continuous long-term protection for your home and your peace of mind with our Termite Defender’s repair guarantee!


SafeSpray Pest Control offers a safe, family friendly service that will allow you to not only enjoy your yard, but also protect from disease carrying pests!

LAWN Defender

Lawn Defender is a lawn management/weed control program that keeps your yard healthy while preventing pests like fire ants, grubs, and more!

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