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Household Pest Control and Our Beginnings

The Beginning

The journey to form SafeSpray in Auburn dates back to 2009.  We were living in Atlanta at the time, and had recently bought a home that had a horrific mosquito problem.  Roughly 50% of the back yard was covered in ivy, creating a mosquito haven.  To make the problem worse, there was a huge retention pond right next door to our home.  My wife loves to garden and she could not even walk outside without getting eaten alive.  I had heard about these specialty mosquito control companies out there, but was very skeptical to say the least.  I mean, how would anyone keep a mosquito from flying from my neighbors yard into mine? With a healthy dose of skepticism, we enlisted the service of a company that specialized in mosquito control to help rid our yard of problem.  The technician came to our home with a backpack sprayer and thoroughly treatment all of our trees, bushes, and shrubs.  Mere hours after the treatment we were mosquito free.  We were hooked.

Moving to Auburn

Fast forward 1 year and we were loaded in a moving truck and headed back to Auburn, AL.  While we were getting settled we were staying with my inlaws.  Inside their house my phone got virtually no signal, so I spent a lot of time outside on the phone taking work calls.  Well, this house too had a really bad mosquito problem.  So I started looking for a company that offered a similar service to what we used in Atlanta.  There were none to be found.  That is were it all started.

Mosquito Control

I knew this was a service that Auburn needed.  I began the process of getting all of the required certifications and licenses right away (and there are a lot of them!).  After months of studying, taking tests, and researching, I started SafeSpray Mosquito Solutions in August 2011.  I started this business with all intentions of doing it on the side by spraying yards on weekends.  Well, after only three weeks I had exceeded my capacity.  We were getting calls left and right with people wanting the service.  We quickly staffed up to meet the demand and the rest is history.  For the next three years we have worked to perfect our business model in order to offer the best possible service possible.  It is very satisfying to provide a service that allows our customers to really enjoy the beautiful Auburn outdoors!

Household Pest Control

Along the way, customers are always asking us if we can do their household pest control as well.  In the past we have been strictly an outdoor pest control company only operating seasonally April – October in the Auburn area.  Due to the overwhelming request, in December of 2014 we changed our name to SafeSpray Pest Control and launched our full line household pest control services.  We are thrilled to now offer our customers a one-stop shop for all their pest control needs.

Our MISSION is to protect the health and property of our customers and their families by using safe, state-of-the-art pest control solutions. We strive to be the best of our industry in the eyes of our customers by providing unparalleled customer service, every time. The standards we set at SAFESPRAY PEST CONTROL will always exceed the industry standards in order to protect our clients and their property. We believe this starts with running our business around our Christian values.


SafeSpray Pest Control is insured by the applicable limits required by each state. We value your business and ensure that we protect you in every way possible while we perform our services on your property.

logo_epaSafeSpray Pest Control adheres to all local, state and federal licensing guidelines and utilizes pest-control solutions that have been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).



logo_alabamaEvery member of SafeSpray Pest Control’s staff is thoroughly trained and fully licensed and certified by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries.


PEST Defender

Our pest management program provides protection against a wide range of pests including ants, roaches, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, fleas, mice and MORE

TERMITE Defender

Continuous long-term protection for your home and your peace of mind with our Termite Defender’s repair guarantee!


SafeSpray Pest Control offers a safe, family friendly service that will allow you to not only enjoy your yard, but also protect from disease carrying pests!


Moisture Defender is used as a defense against excess moisture in crawlspaces of homes and buildings. And it’s completely automatic!

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