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Termite Prevention from the Beginning

Did you know you can prevent termites in your home before construction is even completed? Did you know that pre-treatment adds value for the homebuyer, doesn’t interrupt the construction process, doesn’t expose workers to chemicals, isn’t affected by the weather, and doesn’t breakdown over time? That’s exactly what our Advance Termite Baiting System does!

New Construction Termite Treatment in Alabama

We at SafeSpray Pest Control are able to offer the state’s premier builder solution for pest control. SafeSpray is able to work around scheduled crew days so that your building is uninterrupted by our exterminators​ through a one-stop installation upon final grade. That means that both you and the home-owners save money!

Not only that, but the value of a termite protection system dramatically increases the value of the home itself. There are only upsides for the homeowner in our cost-effective, complete home defense, such as:

  • Home quality differentiator
  • Maximum termite protection
  • Scheduling and service simplicity
  • Environmental positives

Termite-Free Guarantee

Our termite protection plan helps put you as the builder at ease and gives you a boost of confidence when showing your work to potential homebuyers. With our Advance Termite Bait System, we guarantee to keep you termite-free. Not only will we guarantee our work, but we also offer a damage repair guarantee and up to $1 million in coverage for structures, wall coverings, floor coverings, and personal contents damaged by termites.

Out with Formosans

Did we mention that we also protect and guarantee against Formosan Termites? We don’t leave any open ends when we protect your home or build – including Formosan Termites. With our comprehensive coverage, you won’t even need to worry about pests ruining your day, your wallet, or your home.

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