PEST Defender

We employ a very safe Integrated Pest Management approach to our program in order to minimize exposure to you, your employees, or your family to any pest treatment product.
Quarterly Preventative Pest Control
We employ a very safe Integrated Pest Management approach to our program in order to minimize you, your employees, or your family to any chemicals.


Targeted Pest Service

We offer quarterly and monthly service for your home – you decide! After an initial interior and exterior service, we return according to the schedule you’ve made; there’s no need to pick up the phone! Have problems between service? Let us know and we will come back with the fix free of charge! That’s part of our guarantee.

Precise Application 

Our Pest Control Specialists know their stuff. We treat the cracks and crevices where pests can get in and set inconspicuous monitoring stations to capture wandering intruders. There’s no blanket coating of chemicals like the other guys; we ensure safe, efficient application of our product.

Make Your Home a Safe-zone 

We start in the home and work our way out, identifying points of entry and sealing and spraying as many as possible. On the outside we create a ring of protection around your home to keep pests out. We aim to eliminate the pests inside and keep out the ones outside.

Fire Ant Control 

We offer a targeted fire ant protection program.  This is for infestations more than 10 ft from the homes foundation. Fire ant treatments within 10 ft of the foundation is included in our general pest control programs.

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Take Back Your Home

Protect your family and your pets from annoying pests

Intuitive Approach

When designing our general pest program, we implemented a simple common sense approach to our treatment techniques.  We use only the safest products and application methods.  All of our treatments are targeted to treat a specific issue.  One of our biggest goals was to minimize the exposure to our customers inside their homes.

Total Protection

We stop the pests before they ever come into your home! We do this by targeting our treatment to the outside of your property. When in home treatment is inevitable, we only use crack and crevice techniques and apply safe solutions such as baits.

The standard program includes the following:

  • Liquid perimeter treatment
  • granular baits
  • Cobweb removal
  • interior crack & crevice treatment as needed
  • minor exclusion work via foam fill
  • ant beds within 10′ of foundation
  • wasp nest treatment
  • a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and much more!


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PEST Defender

Our pest management program provides protection against a wide range of pests including ants, roaches, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, fleas, mice and MORE

TERMITE Defender

Continuous long-term protection for your home and your peace of mind with our Termite Defender’s repair guarantee!


SafeSpray Pest Control offers a safe, family friendly service that will allow you to not only enjoy your yard, but also protect from disease carrying pests!

LAWN Defender

Lawn Defender is a lawn management/weed control program that keeps your yard healthy by controlling weeds and adding fertilizer!

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