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Pest Control FAQs

Get the information you need on how SafeSpray Pest Control safely applies pesticides, how our customer service goes above and beyond, or why we have a 100% guarantee. We will prevent ticks, ants, termites, roaches, and rodents from getting in your home or business, and rid your house and yard of pests.

Pest Defender Program

Is the treatment safe for people and pets?

Yes! We use industry leading Integrated Pest Management techniques to limit the products used in and around your home. We do not spray your floors and baseboards! Instead we treat the small cracks and crevices throughout the interior of the home. This prevents accidental exposure to your and your family, but also is much more effective in controlling pests as it focuses on the places pests enter the home, but also go to hide! The majority of our treatment program is focused on the exterior of the home where most pest problems originate. We ask that you allow 10-15 minutes for the exterior treatment to dry. After that it is safe for people and pets to return.

How often do you come?

In most cases, we come tri-annually. This can be adjusted as needed, but most pest problem scan be controlled with year-round pest protection. This also limits the amount of products used, and is more environmentally friendly than monthly service.

What is included in the service?

The service includes an initial interior crack, and crevice treatment. This is mostly a supplement to the exterior treatment. On the exterior we will sweep down spiderwebs, and wasp nests from the accessible eaves, windows, and door frames. We apply granular baits to the exterior perimeter, and we apply a liquid barrier treatment around the perimeter of the home to prevent pests from entering the home. Also included are ant beds within 10’ of foundation. After the initial service, unless you have a problem inside then the regular service is all outside.

This program provides protection from all common household pests, including rodents!

Is a contract required for service?

NO! We do not require a contract for our Pest Defender service.

What guarantee do you provide with your service?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the results of your service, simply let us know and we will perform follow up service to correct the issue at no additional charge!

Does this cover me for termites?

No, termite control is a separate service. Termite protection requires additional measures to achieve prevention, and control of termites. Pest Defender service does not provide protection from termites.

Do I have to be present?

For the initial service we ask that someone be present. After the initial service the regular outside does not require anyone to be present. We will text a day in advance to make sure you have not had any problems inside that need to be addressed. If there are no problems inside then we will come tri-annually to treat the exterior of the home

Is there a discount if I refer someone?

Yes, we will give you and your referral a $50 credit to your account if someone you recommend signs up for annual service. Its our way of saying thank you!

Termite Defender Program

Are the ATBS toxic or a danger to people and pets?

No, the ATBS features a tamper resistant cap to prevent accidental exposure, and the active ingredient is very benign and has a low toxicity to mammals.

How is the ATBS different from other "baiting" systems?

The ATBS has several features that stand out from the competition! Each station is larger than competing systems, this gives much more surface area which allows more termites to find, and feed on the bait quickly. Since the stations are larger there is more bait in each station for the termites to feed on, and share with the colony which can lead to quicker colony elimination. The ATBS system is monitored every 120 days, instead of once a year like competing systems. This ensures the system is working properly all year long. Stations can become infested with Ants, and slugs, flooded, damaged by mowers, or dug up during excavation. If you only check the stations once a year you risk having multiple compromised stations that termites avoid or cannot access, thus leaving your home unprotected!

Is ATBS effective against Formosan termites?

Yes! the ATBS is effective against all subterranean termite species including the aggressive imported Formosan termite species.

How is the ATBS different from liquid barrier treatments?

With a liquid termiticide treatment you attempt to place a chemical barrier between the ground and your home. This is a nearly impossible task since termites only need 1/32 of an inch or about the thickness of a business card to enter a structure. In addition, you must re-apply the treatment every few years in order for it to be most effective. This typically requires drilling into any brick, or stone veneer, digging a trench around the perimeter of the home, and drilling through any concrete slabs that touch the structure and pumping hundreds of gallons of termiticide into the foundation and trenches around and under your home (If it is a crawlspace/basement construction). If there are any hidden cracks or voids they will go untreated, thus leaving that section of the structure vulnerable to infestation.

With the ATBS there is no drilling or boring into the foundation, brick and attached concrete slabs or digging trenches. The system is installed inconspicuously around the perimeter of the structure and monitored every 120 days for activity. Once termite activity is detected the active ingredient is applied to the station and the termites begin feeding on the bait and sharing with others in the colony. The bait is a growth regulator that prevents termites from completing their molting process which they do about every two weeks. Since the termite don’t die as soon as they consume the bait they are unable to determine what is causing them to die. They continue to consume the bait until there is not enough termites to sustain the colony and the colony dies. With the ATBS there is no costly 5 year re-treatments, so you save money! There is no application of hundreds of gallons of chemicals into the soil around your home, and foundation, so it is more environmentally responsible. Since the ATBS uses termites natural foraging, and feeding behavior against them your home is protected 24/7 /365 with no gradual breakdown in effectiveness.

Do the ATBS attract, or draw termites to my house?

No, like ant’s termites are constantly and randomly foraging. They have no sensory ability to smell, or detect wood other than by literally bumping into it.

Can I transfer my bond if I move to a new home?

With the ATBS the system stays with the home it is installed at. This means if you decide to sell the property, the new owner will have the opportunity to continue the protection and transfer the service into their name.

Why do I need termite bond?

Termites do about 5 BILLION dollars of damage in the United States every year! Most homeowners insurance does not cover for termite damage partly because of this fact! If you live in warmer, humid regions then you are at a greater risk of infestation than cooler, dryer regions. Termite damage usually goes undetected for several months, if not years. By the time most people realize they have a termite problem, they have already done several thousand dollars worth of damage. Having a proactive program in place to prevent termites protects your investment, and gives you peace of mind. Having an active termite bond is also a added benefit should you ever decide to sell the property, as it protects you from liability, and it gives the potential new owner, and lender peace of mind.

What is the difference between a Damage Replacement, and a re-treatment only bond?

A RE-TREATMENT bond is just like the name implies. If you ever have a termite problem with a RE-TREAT bond then the bonding company will come and spot treat in order to kill the termites active in the structure. They WILL NOT be responsible for repairing any damage caused by termites, only treatment of them. Many builder provided termite pre-treatments are RE-TREATMENT ONLY bonds that meet the State minimum requirements

A DAMAGE REPLACEMENT bond not only covers treatment of termites, but also repair of damage caused by termites (according to the terms in the agreement). This is important because most homeowners insurance policies do not provide any coverage for termite damage, or treatment should you have an infestation.

How much does it cost?

Cost is determined by the linear footage of the structure. Since we don’t determine price by square footage, and there is significantly less labor and material involved we can typically offer significant savings over liquid barrier termiticide treatments. To schedule a free termite inspection, and estimate for service simply give us a call!

Mosquito Defender Program

How does your mosquito treatment work?

One of our trained professionals will treat all of the vegetation on your property. When the mosquitoes go to rest in or feed on the vegetation, they will ingest the solution and die. This effectively sets up a barrier around the property.

What types of pests will your barrier spray eliminate?

Our simple and effective barrier spray will eliminate all mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks from your property.

Will SafeSpray kill all the mosquitoes on my property?

No service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito. A mosquito could fly over your neighbor’s fence and never come in contact with the treated vegetation. However, you will find that the presence of mosquitoes is enormously reduced.

Will the rain wash away the solution?

No, in most cases it takes 30 minutes to bond to the organic material treated; at that time there is a negligible chance to wash away.

Is it safe for my children, pets, and garden?

Yes, our solution is plant based and has a negligible effect on the environment, pets, and humans. It is fully approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Can my children play in the yard during a SafeSpray treatment?

We strongly recommend that children and pets are not in the yard during the treatment. In most cases, the solution will dry within 30 minutes. When dry, there is negligible opportunity for the product to transfer to dry people or pets who brush against the vegetation. It is advised that children and pets stay out of the environment for 30 minutes after the solution has been applied.

Will SafeSpray treatment kill my plants?

No. All SafeSpray treatments are designed to be as gentle as possible on organisms other than the targeted pests.

How long does it take to go into effect, and how long does it take to apply?

Our barrier spray typically dries and activates in less than 30 minutes. The spray will continue to be fully effective for up to 30 days.

Do I need to be home for you to effectively apply?

We can treat your property anytime, whether you are home or not.

Who do you treat?

We can treat residential homes, businesses, municipality properties, HOA’s, and any other outdoor spaces.