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  1. SafeSpray’s services primarily focus on the outside of the structure or property using an integrated pest management approach. Indoor services may be deemed necessary by the company to apply treatments or inspect for some pests.
  2. In the case of Pest Defender and Lawn Defender services, pests not covered by these services such as fleas, hornets, mole crickets, grubs, turf fungi and others may require additional visits at an additional charge.
  3. All materials used in the services shall be used in accordance with each product’s label and specifications and conform to federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  4. SafeSpray reserves the right to adjust fees after the initial 12 months of the agreed upon service.
  5. The client is responsible for notifying SafeSpray of any chemical sensitivities prior to service in writing.
  6. Payment is due on the 1st of the month and a method of payment (credit, debit, ACH) is required to be held on file to collect payment.
  7. Services will be performed on a regular basis and may fluctuate based on weather, workforce, and supply chains.
  8. SafeSpray is not liable for any illness, disease, or injury caused by interaction with a sting or bite by any pests.
  9. SafeSpray may terminate this agreement at any time if the client fails to allow access to the property being treated, fails to correct conditions conducive to pests, or fails to make payment.
  10. Client understands any person(s) or animal(s) has the potential to have an adverse allergic reaction at any time to any product used in or around the home. Because of this, SafeSpray recommends boarding indoor animals for the day of and the 3 days after indoor flea and/or carpet beetle treatment.
  11. SafeSpray is not liable for any adverse allergic reaction of persons or animals to products used when used in accordance with the product’s label and specifications.